Marry Me sign on beach


All weddings are special and have their own story. Enjoy a modern and highly personalised wedding that’s right for you. Ahmet listens
and guides you in creating the perfect wedding ceremony.


Avoid the stress and expense of a big wedding by eloping.

An elopement ceremony is simple, yet special. It  is an intentionally small and  private form of marriage, with few (if any) guests.

Vow Renewals

Consider a Renewal of Vows or Commitment ceremony to celebrate a special milestone wedding anniversary.  This is an opportunity to be treasured by family & friends.

How does it work?

Meet with the Celebrant
Step 1

Meet with Ahmet and chat about your wedding celebration face-to-face or Facetime/Zoom/Skype and sign the NOIM.

Plan your wedding
Step 2

Ahmet will help you plan and create the perfect ceremony and complete the legal paperwork.

Wedding Rehearsal
Step 3

Practice makes perfect! A rehearsal of the ceremony will make you feel at ease. 

(This is optional).

Wedding day
Step 4
Wedding Day

Lets have the best day of your life. Ahmet will make sure you both say ‘I Do!’ without a hitch.